On His Birthday...

July 24, 1917


Also born on his birthday...





Robert Farnon -  Composer













Wanda Perry - Actress







And sentenced to death...

Mata Hari

On July 24, 1917, Mata Hari was brought before a court-martial on charges of espionage, thus becoming the most famous of the many spies tried in the hysteria of wartime France. But there is no reason to doubt that the French prosecutor was being conservative when he claimed that her activities had cost France at least 50,000 lives, the evidence indicating that at least twice that number would be a more realistic figure. The court-martial unanimously sentenced her to death. . . .



Western Civilization

On July 24 - 25 1917, workers, soldiers and sailors from Petrograd rebel against the Czarist government. The Red Guards occupy the key buildings, main government institutions and surround the Winter Palace, headquarter of the provisional government. Thus, the Great Socialist Revolution began, which evolved into the USSR and the Cold War.


278th Armored Cavalry Regiment "I Volunteer Sir!"

Tennessee has been known as "The Volunteer State" since 1780 when Colonel John Sevier called for "100 good men" - and 200 answered. The 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment is the only enhanced Armored Cavalry Regiment within the National Guard, and one of only two Armored Cavalry Regiments in the United States Army. It is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, with units throughout the East and Middle Tennessee Area.

Four months after returning from Texas, on July 24, 1917, the Third Infantry Regiment was mustered into Federal Service and assigned as an element of the 30th Division. The 30th Division had been called into Federal service on July 25, 1917, seven days after designation as a division. On August 3, the War Department ordered concentration and organization at Camp Sevier, Greenville, South Carolina. On August 5, 1917 the Third Tennessee Infantry Regiment was "drafted" into Federal service. Concentration continued throughout August 1917.


Above: Appropriations for Army Air Corp Passed allocating $640,000,000


Below: Not the contemporary Roe V court case, this one deals with allocating Indian lands. And yes, the newspaper says "INDIAN" and NOT Native-American.

Cars of the Year (click to enlarge)

1917 Dodge Touring Car $895.00 Gets you this NEW 1917 Elgin 1917 Chevy1917 Ford Model T

 Other Important stuff for the year...

US Population: 103,268,000

•NO Oscars yet not til 1929.

•U.S. declares war with Germany (Apr. 6). Background: World War I

•"I Want You." James Montgomery Flagg's poster, featuring Uncle Sam and based on a 1914 British poster, attracts thousands of U.S. recruits to WWI duty.

•Between ten thousand and fifteen thousand blacks silently walk down New York City's Fifth Avenue to protest racial discrimination and violence (July 28) Background: civil rights


No Radio (until 1920)

No TV  (until 1926 in Scotland, 1935 in Germany and 1941 in US)

Telephones are becoming more commonplace



Rittmeister Manfred von Richtofen, the most famous and most successful air ace of the First World War, is awarded the Pour le Mérite. Scoring 80 confirmed kills, Richthofen is finally shot down as he flies deep into British lines in pursuit of Wilfrid May in April 1918. His brother, Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, also receives the decoration in 1917. Kinda makes you hungry for a RED BARRON pizza?



No NFL yet, in 1920 the American Professional Football Association was formally organized to begin play in fall of 1920. None of the NFL teams were in this league.

World Series  Chicago White Sox d. NY Giants (4-2)

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