Ralph Vernon Little, Sr.
July 24, 1917 - January 31, 2011
Bellows Falls Vermont

Favorite Person:
Eleanor Little

Favorite Place:
Moose Lodge 2020

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Ralph V. Little, Sr., moved on to join his wife and look after the rest of us on January 31, 2011 from his chosen favorite location in Jacksonville, Florida. Born a Vermonter of George and Mary, he grew up through the Great Depression and served his family and nation proudly as an all around good man with values instilled by those times. He always sought to help his family, neighbors and friends in any way and never wanted to impose on anyone for his own needs...   February 02, 2011

Thank you Uncle Ralph for watching out for me during my years as your next yard neighbor. You will always be remembered. Your pal, Jack Ralph Scrivens, formerly known as Spike.  

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Lodge 2020

5051 Collins Rd Orange Park FL 32073

Contact Info:

Phone (904) 264-5355

Fax  (904) 264-3445

email lodge2020@mooseunits.org


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The notebook represents a notebook Ralph always carried in his shirt pocket. He was shot while serving in the Korean War. One of the bullets hit him in the chest but did not penetrate the notebook in his pocket. He was never without a notebook in his shirt pocket.


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